The Raparin University Central Library was established in 2010, with the opening of the first college in Rania, the College of Humanities. The university library has been growing rich in scientific resources since then, with new and modern resources. The directorate of raparin university's central library is administratively affiliated with the university's assistant president for scientific affairs and higher education.


List of management tasks :


  1. Arrange library resources to be used as easily as possible.
  2. Facilitating and instructing readers to access the sources of science, educational and human information.
  3. Providing academic resources for researchers to conduct research in various fields.
  4. Provide a suitable reading space.
  5. Create a network of cooperation and cooperations with libraries and other knowledge institutions in order to find more resources for students and readers.
  6. Cooperating and consulting with colleges and departments when obtaining and buying library resources to provide academic needs for students and teachers.


Library Sections


Menu and Classification Section:


This section will process and classify library sources for reading and research purposes. Our university's central library uses the Dewey Decimal system from 000 to 999. In general, we have two categories, including categories by source subject with categories by source language. The object of this classification is to become easy to find resources in the shortest time.


Acquire unit:

This unit oversees the supply of resources to the university's central library by buying, presenting, exchanging with other libraries. But the main way to get books and other resources is to buy from press agencies. After they are obtained, all resources will be directed to the menu and class units.


Demand section:

Employees of this unit will provide library resources to students and researchers at our university and outside the university, as well as to receive resources from applicants. This section is set according to specific rules and instructions. There are two types of desires, external desires outside the university, as well as local desires to provide resources for reading in the university library hall.


Cover section:

This section will cover and repair the sources that have been removed and scattered.


Reading Hall:

Reading halls are available in our university's central library, where students can conduct research and reading in groups or individually.


Library Internet:

The university's central library has a computer laboratory and the Internet is available for students. Now the menus and categories of all the books of the library are placed on these computers and readers can easily search through the list of books and ask for their class series in the request section.


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